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NEIGH-bors apartment is on the top floor of a barn just within the city limits of Pendleton, Oregon. It's 600+ square feet, and includes a nicely stocked kitchen and full bathroom, a queen bed in the bedroom and a queen sofa couch in the living room. This "barndo" is an attractive option for those who desire convenience and rustic charm.

It is absolutely not necessary to bring any animals, but horses and a couple of barn cats are on site, and all well-behaved and housebroken animals are welcome, although we ask that you not leave any animals unattended in the apartment. If you leave, please take them with you or make arrangements with us. Horses will need a vet issued health certificate. The neighborhood is very quiet, and it's a nice open setting. Let us know if you're going to sleep late, because we feed at about 7:00 am and the horses get a little "NEIGH"-borly.

We have two big livestock-fenced fields where your dogs are welcome to cavort (you too!). No chasing horses. There is also a nice neighborhood loop for those who prefer to walk their dogs on a leash.

Ask for specials when staying a week or more.

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